The starting point can be in different places: Vic, Ripoll or Sant Joan de les Abadesses because the route is market in both ways. The main route goes through more villages but there is also a secundary route for more expert hikkers.

The GR 151 (route 151) is not only a way for the visitor to discover the terrain, it is also a way of bringing together the inhabitants of the areas though which it runs, recovering old paths used to transport beasts and for traditional excursions.
The walk was conceived so that everybody can enjoy themselves, either for sport, excursions or for cultural reasons, but in their own way. Accurate information is provided about the route, the changes in level and the distances so that the hiker, or walker, can decide as they go along about their strategy for each stage of the route.

Main route: 102,136 km
Secundary route: 58,491 km