Sender de les 4 ermites. The route of the four hermitages. PRC-60:
This route allows the hiker to visit on a circular walk the four hermitages within the municipality of Sant Joan de les Abadesses..

The first hermitage is Sant Antoni de Pàdua, situated at the top of a mount (elevation 1040 m) with magnificent views over the valley of Sant Joan de les Abadesses. The current hermitage was constructed in 1852 but there is evidence it originally dates back to 1635.

The second: Santa Llúcia de Puigmal is a Romanesque church for which there is documented evidence going back to the year 913. A few minutes walk away, to the left of the path, is Santa Llúcia Gorge, a beautiful place for refreshing yourself.

The Sant Ponç d’Aulina hermitage possibly dates back to the twelfth century, though it has been modified since then. It is located on the top of a hill and surrounded by the Capsacosta mountains, the carenes de Collabós and Serra de Cambres.

Santa Magdalena de Perella, hermitage is at the top of a little hill, next to the casa de Perella. From this hill it is possible to enjoy a fine view over all the Ter valley. The hermitage dates back to the twelfth century.