The Romanesque Heritage of Santa Maria d’Oló

The municipality of Oló is scattered with Romanesque style churches and chapels. Sant Feliuet de Terrassola (927), restored in 1970, made up of two naves with two apses and a tower which serves as a bell tower, is one of the most outstanding. Close to the Armenteres country house there are the ruins of the Sant Joan Vell church (1081) abandoned in 1643, when a new church was built in the flat area of the town. Sant Vicenç de Vilarassau (1134) is situated close to the country house of the same name. It has a single-nave structure with an apse decorated with Lombard arcading and a beautiful bell gable. It preserves some remains of Romanesque paintings. It was restored in 1990. Sant Jaume de Vilanova, is a small church dating from the 11th century, one of the few churches with a circular ground plan which still survive. The chapels of Sant Miquel d'Oló and Santa Creu de la Plana, dating from the 12th and 13th centuries and no longer worship places, are other examples.

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