From Vic to Folgueroles


Length of walk: 10.710m
Maximum altitude: 601m
Minimum altitude: 466m
Maximum elevation: 128m
Ascent-Descent Gradient: 65m

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From the contemporary town of Vic to the village of Verdaguer is a stage full of history, in which one passes from the urban world to the countryside of the farmhouses, old windmills and the crop fields.

Vic is a reference in Catalonia for the world of fairs with events such as the Mercat de Música Viva (live music), Mercat del Gust (gastronomic fair), Saló de la Muntanya (mountain sports fair), the antiques fair, the Medieval market, and we must not forget the popular weekly markets on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and the new market on Sundays.

In Vic there are a great many emblematic buildings, dating from the Romanic period, going through the baroque epoch right on to the Modernist period. Vic is one of the towns most representative of the past and the history of our country, Catalonia.

Therefore this is a stage for taking in the history and the culture of “la Plana” while at the same time enjoying the landscape and the traditions of those who take care of the land.