The Oliba trial belongs to the GR (Gran ruta) network and connects some of the best examples of Catalan Romanesque art via the GR-151.  It goes from Montserrat to the Pyrenees and passes through historic towns and villages of what is known as Ancient Catalunya such as Manresa, Ripoll, Vic and Sant Joan de les Abadesses. It winds its way through the inland plains and foothills and landscapes  of the counties of the Bages, Osona and the Ripollès. It is relatively easy walking and has the added value of never being very far from food and accomodation services.

The Oliba trial is a museum in the middle of Nature. It is art, culture and history in essence and goes through almost unaltered countryside for much of its length. It is a walk through the origins of Catalunya, when people such as Oliba (both Abbot and Bishop) decided to repopulate and christianize these lands by building churches and monasteries.  Today, hikers and explorers retrace the steps of our ancestors by walking its more than 200 kms, which can be done following the path both North to South or South to North, as we recommend, either in one long hike, in stretches of a few days or equally, or in stages of one-day’ walks from time to time.  Whether done on foot or by bike, the path enhances the understanding and appreciation of Romanesque works of art and architecture by unveiling the treasures step by step.

The ‘Trial of the Bishop and Abbot Oliba’ is a long distance footpath that takes you through areas of Romanesque influence showing you the wonders of this style of architecture and connecting you to other related footpaths.

Get to know the Romanesque trail that joins the counties of El Bages, Moianès, Osona and Ripollès.