The Route of Oliba is a long route (GR-151) that connects some of the most emblematic works of Catalan Romanesque art. It runs between Montserrat and the Pyrenees and passes through some of the most historic towns and villages of Old Catalonia such as Manresa, Vic, Ripoll and Sant Joan de les Abadesses. It crosses interior and mid-mountain landscape of Bages, Osona and Ripollès regions by an undemanding route surrounded by commercial and tourism services which are good values for the cost.

The route of Oliba is an authentic museum in the middle of nature. It’s art, culture and history in its essence, in places almost unchanged over time. It is a journey through the origins of Catalonia where such characters as bishop and abbot Oliba decided to repopulate these lands and Christianize them planting churches and monasteries.

Today this road transited by our ancestors is filled with walkers, hikers and runners who intend to cover its more than 200 kilometers from north to south or from south to north wholly, in few day stages or also in a one day stretch. Their steps or pedaling contribute even more to knowledge spread about these millennium works.